Custom Gift Gallery

Welcome to our gallery of our past custom gift orders. Each one is one of a kind. Click image to enlarge. If you are interested in a particular design, Contact Us and quote the product name. We will do our best to accommodate you. More about awesome custom gift below.



Custom Gift

Luv Avenue’s custom gift items are cute crafts made of practical items such as washcloths, socks, vintage fabric, and more. Basically they are products that do not fall into the category of diaper cake and towel cake.

As a sustainable business, we shy away from using disposable embellishments. Instead, we use origami technique to twist and fold the materials. We also do not use glue so no damage is done to the products. Everything can be taken apart for use if desired.

Benefit from Custom gift

Custom gift can be incorporated into your party décor so you don’t have to buy excessive decorations, worry about putting them up and tearing them down.

Luv Avenue’s personalized custom gift helps you take it one step further. You can add a special touch with your recipient’s monogram, favourite quote, or things that will make him/her smile or cry!

Make them a part of your centrepiece along with a diaper cake or towel cake. When guests help take it apart they can take each custom gift as a party favour to commemorate the event.

Custom gift also makes excellent corporate event gift or souvenir. It is a cute token of love for your family, friends, colleague, employee, or clients. We have been receiving orders for Christmas, shower, birthday, wedding, fundraising, christening, and other special occasions.

Order yours today. You will love it! You will be the coolest gift giver. Moreover, you have taken an important step to protect our environment by supporting sustainable business.


Luv Avenue is your one stop shop all your gifting need. We are committed to be your life long partner in all occasions. Our mission is to help you show your love with style. 

PS. Please review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before purchasing your custom gift.