Diaper Cake Gallery

Delight in our past diaper cake orders. Each one is one of a kind. Click image to enlarge. If you are interested in a particular design, Contact Us and quote the product name. We will do our best to accommodate you. More about awesome diaper cake below.

Diaper Cake

Often seen at a baby shower, diaper cake is a one-of-a-kind thinking-outside-of-box type of gift.

Diaper cake is a unique gift basket made of diapers and filled with baby goods – blanket, bib, body suit, wipe, pacifier, and more. It is typically made of disposable diapers, although very rarely cloth diapers could be used.

Each diaper cake can be shaped into various designs to fit the party theme. Popular designs include castle, bassinet, motorcycle, train, sports car, and more.

Diaper cake as one-of-a-kind and practical gift

Expecting parents appreciate thoughtful gifts, particularly the first-time moms who work full-time. Most of them would sign up for baby registries.

In a way, diaper cake is like many things from the gift registry combined. It’s particularly handy if you are the type who wants to buy all the irresistible registry items. Diaper cake can include one of each registry items (just like samples) so you don’t have to pay hefty price for all the sets.

Parents may even learn a thing or two that they have missed in the registry. For example, a burp pad! Now they are further equipped to welcome the baby.

Plus, diaper cake is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only have you helped the parents out in their preparation, the baby will greatly benefit from all the included goodies.

Diaper cake at your party

Diaper cake helps you save time, money, and energy. Here are some ways you can incorporate diaper cake into your party.


You can use it to replace the edible theme cake. Fondant cake can easily cost hundreds, especially with bakers who are great sculptors. If your crowd are not fond of fondant, it’ll be such a waste. .

With Luv Avenue’s theme diaper cake, you can save money by opting for lighter edible desserts and snacks that people actually love to eat.


With theme diaper cake as your centrepiece, you can save on decorations. We can incorporate baby’s name, monogram, or your theme quote for personalization.


The reactions towards diaper cake is priceless. Your guests will bond over discussion about its versatility. Unsuspecting guests may mistaken it as edible cake. Experienced folks may show off their knowledge of what’s included, how it’s made, how it can be used.


Diaper cake also works well for games. Guests can guess the quantity of diaper, name the materials included, state the purpose of each material, etc. They can then help mom dismantle the diaper cake and reveal the answers.


As we talk about earlier, parents will appreciate the accompanying baby goods – diapers, outfit, accessories, nursery items, baby care products, and so on.

So far you have seen how a single piece can work in many ways. Diaper cake could be centrepiece, décor, conversation starter, photo prop, games, and gift. The possibility is endless.

It is truly an eco-friendly way to party. Keep green and party on!

Luv Avenue Diaper Cake

Luv Avenue’s diaper cakes feature elegant minimalism design. We avoid disposable embellishments. Instead, we employ origami technique to create decorations with baby goods. This helps keep the diaper cake as hygienic and eco-friendly as possible.

Our latest diaper cakes feature rectangular / square shape designs where we keep diapers in their original manufacturer packaging. We believe this will further improve the quality of our products. However, if you would like a round design, we will be more than happy to handle it as a custom order.  

We use Pampers and Huggies disposable diapers in our diaper cake. We favour them due to their great reviews and personal experience using them on our own nieces and nephews have used them well. If you have a particular brand of choice, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Note: We have verified that diapers do not expire. Pampers and Huggies confirmed that expiry dates are for pricing revision. They are not an indication of diaper integrity. However, diaper do absorb moisture. Store them in dry place. We put desiccant in our packaging to ensure dryness. Diaper also absorb smell. Consider placing diaper cake with desserts instead of savoury food at your party.

Get your diaper cake gift today

Diaper cake is a perfect way to show your love and care. It makes an excellent gift for baby shower, baby visit, first month, 100 days, christening, baptism, corporate congratulatory gift, and so on.

Order a custom design today. You will love it!

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