Towel Cake Gallery

Welcome to our gallery of our past towel cake orders for A. KIDS and B. ADULTS. Each one is one of a kind. Click image to enlarge. If you are interested in a particular design, Contact Us and quote the product name. We will do our best to accommodate you. More about awesome towel cake below.



Towel Cake

Frequently seen at bridal showers, Towel cake is a unique gift basket made of towels and filled with practical products suitable for the occasion. For example, spa product for wedding; home care for housewarming; food and wine for Christmas; and more.

Towel cake as one-of-a-kind and practical gift

Towel cake is great for any occasion. To name a few: wedding gift, shower gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, Mother’s Day / Father’s Day gift, Valentine’s gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift, Thanksgiving gift, teacher appreciation gift, hostess gift, or simply just-because pamper gift. You name it! It is a classy and chic way to show your friends, family, colleague, or clients how much you love and care for them.

Towel cake also works well at corporate and charity functions. Try using towel cake in your silent auction or as your ballot gift, you will see increased participation rate.

Towel cake is such versatile and practical gift. Everyone could use more towels, for themselves or for the guest rooms.

Towel cake at your party

Towel cake helps you save time, money, and energy. Here are some ways to incorporate towel cake into your party:


You can use it to replace an edible theme cake. Fondant cake can easily cost hundreds of dollars. If your crowd do not eat fondant cake, it will be such a waste.

Save money by using towel cake as your theme cake and opt for cupcakes instead. Towel cake can be custom designed to fit your theme e.g. golf, destination wedding, floral wedding, etc.


You can use towel cake as your party centrepiece and photo prop. That way you don’t have to buy excessive decorations and worry about setting them up. Luv Avenue’s personalized towel cake allows you to add a special touch with your recipient’s monogram, name, or favourite quote. Anything that will make him/her smile or cry!

Towel cake is also increasingly popular as wedding centrepiece. Guests appreciate its practical nature. They can put it to daily use instead of let it sit and collect dust. Now guests are really participating in the centerpiece game to win it.


At the end of the party the towel cake centrepiece will turn into a much appreciated gift.

So far you have seen how a single piece can work in many ways. Towel cake could be centrepiece, décor, conversation starter, photo prop, games, and gift. The possibility is endless.

It is truly an eco-friendly way to party. Keep green and party on!

Luv Avenue Towel Cake

Luv Avenue’s towel cake features minimalism design for style and elegance. We shy away from using disposable embellishments. We use origami technique instead to fold towels and make decorations out of incorporated products. This helps keep the package as hygienic and eco-friendly as possible.

We use mainly Martha Stewart towels for their quality and style. If you have a particular brand of choice, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Get your towel cake gift today

Towel cake is a perfect way to show your love and care. It makes an excellent gift for shower, wedding, anniversary, retirement, birthday, milestones, baptism, corporate congratulatory gift, and so on.

Order a custom design today. You will love it!

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